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Mark Jack

569 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Renata Rawlings-Goss , Andrew Medford , Mark Jack 569 days ago
  • Initial Exploratory Meeting: May 26, 2016
Listen to Recorded Call: (Will post link after call concludes)
To Join the call: Click Here
Optional dial-in number: 404-947-8273. No PIN needed.Untitled
Call List:
Karen Fite - GA Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Digital) 
  • Goal- Improve operations and grow business for Manufacturers in Georgia.
  • Interested: in Promoting the Workshop to Manufacturers and identifying Manufacturers ready to contribute. 
  • Learning about Big Data and how it can improve business
  • Educating the larger Manufactures about  solutions and potential
Yu Liang- University of Tennessee (Smart Cities) 
  • Project - Bridges (Using IoT to look at material failure in bridges across the US)
  • Using Hadoop and other open source platforms, but connecting them into a workflow is non-trivial
Jason Charcalla _ University of Tennessee / Oak Ridge (Systems Arch)- 
  • Project, HPC, infrastructure, looking for partners in the Materials and Manufacturing space.
Andrew M Andrew Medford - Georgia Institute of Technology - 
  • Computational Chemistry and Materials Informatics (focus on surface science and catalysis)
Mark J Mark Jack - Florida A&M University, Physics, Nanoscience, HPC, machine learning
Renata R
  • Looking for domain resources to connect best practices in materials modeling with tools and next steps for smaller academic institutions. 
  • Teaching Python, machine learning to students
Yan Wang
1. A Big Data in Materials and Manufacturing Industry-Academia Workshop (Summer 2016) 
Will include industry scoping with faculty and postdocs in data science.
2. Education resources needed for the community
  •  Webinars or video recordings of hands on workshops:
  • U.C. Berkley (August 2016 -Workshop on Open Source Tools to model Materials)
  • MIT materials project
  • Materials Genome Initiative
  • Access to roundtables with Domain experts
  • Give an opportunity for researchers or companies that are just starting in materials data science to ask experts questions regarding best practices. 
  • Attending Meetup groups 
3. Leadership roles in the Hub 
Will follow up with 
4. Available or needed data infrastructure

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