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Erin Mullenix

400 days ago
12:05 PM EDT Laksmish Ramaswarmy, University of Georgia 
12:25 PM EDT Q&A
12:35 PM EDT Charles Catlett, Argonne National Laboratory
12:55 PM EDT Q&A
 1:05 PM EDT Discussion 
 1:30 PM EDT Adjourn
Participants: (Please add your name, affiliation and email) - 34 
  • Karl Gustafson, South Big Data Hub, kgustafs@renci.org
  • Lea Shanley, South Big Data Hub, lshanley@renci.org
  • Lakshmish Ramaswamy, UGA laks@cs.uga.edu 
  • Amanda Edelman
  • Awoke Teshager Southern Illinois University dagnew_awoke@siu.edu
  • Caller 10
  • Caller 12
  • Cynthia Lee - grad student at GA Tech, Cynthia.lee@gatech.edu
  • Da Yan Unveristy of Alabama yanda@uab.edu
Erin M
  • Erin Mullenix, Iowa State University/Midwest Big Data Hub, erin1@iastate.edu
Lea S
  • Elena Zheleva UMD/NSF ezheleva@nsf.gov.
  • Hamed Alboori Northern Illinois University alhoori@niu.edu
Jen M
  • Jen Metes - UC Davis - jmmetes@ucdavis.edu
Lea S
  • Marte
  • Mina Sartipi Univeristy of Tennesee mina-sartipi@utc.edu
  • Nancy Stoner nstoner@pieciesfoundation.org
  • Patrick Clemins patrick@clemins.name 
  • Zhen Hu
  • Howard Lander Howard@renc.org
  • Arcot Rajaskar UNC RENCI sekar@renci.org
  • Andre Mascarenhas New University of Lisbon 
  • Ainsling Force Adventure Scientists 
Karl G
  • Priyanka Luthra
Lea S
  • Constanza Hazelwood Northwestern Michigan College?
  • Yiyi
Karl G
  • Charvi
  • Ben Blaiszik
  • Andy Bramburger
  • Lj
Lea S
  • Chantal.m. Germain NYC
comments from Lakshmish's talk: 
  • Q re social media data:  The social data that comes from an app shoudl give us a sense and activate the hyperspectral sensors but right now the social media data is so very noisy we haven't had good success. So our alternate is to use the data from our mobile app. Team is working with GT on use of social media for disasters. [ACTION: Lea to connect Lakshmish to other researchers]. 
  • Nancy Stoner is particularly interested in harmful algal brooms but more broadly on water quality montioring and get the kinds of tools in the hands of people trying to moniotor water quality. Looking to do some match making between people to help them find partners to gain access to technology to help their work. 
Links from Charlie's Talk: 
  • Chicaog: Plenar.io (for scientists, policymakers, businesses)
  • OpenGrid.io (for residents, visitors) 
  • They have received 60 requests for pilot projects: We have Seattle, Portland, Chattanooga, Atlanta, and DC as pilots ready to go. Then through the University of Chicago centers we have Hong Kong, Dehli, and Paris. We also have university-city pilot projects.
  • Charlie: For pilots, important that we have local contact in the city for the pilot. In each of these case, they are brining their own funding to the table, we have been trying to figure out the best way to scale this pilot program. We are doing two types of pilot program. Are devices are intended that if it gets too hot, it wil hibernate. We dont' know if in Dubai and Dehli we wiill have long periods of hybernation. We are asking to enter into a research agreement with that partners to intgetrate the system. They would access their data in the same fashion as City of Chicago does which is through our portal. Cost $30,000 for the year. Then a number of these cities where we are not as concerend about heat and dust, then we have a similar kind of agreement for $100,000 for 10 nodes to ensure we have the resources to go overboard to provide support wrt to reliability, data access, etc. Will revisit 6 months to ensure this arrangmenet makes sense. Then there is a 3rd type of arrangement where there are scientists who want to take this opens source system that want to experiment with new sensors, analytics, et. The next step  is the kind of cost being associatd with pilots for the next 6 months at least.
  • Charlie: Went on a turn key to make it easy as possible and makes it more feasible to support on this site, then developing on the code. 
  • Sachin: What is the process for getting access to the data?
  • Charlie: We are going to wait until we have more than 6 notes up. If we have 60 notes up by Christmas then will start to publish in January. We already ahve the APIs set up, then you can send me an email. 
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